Tabbed Plugin Windows

Once a plugin is open, S1 has a great plugin window system where you can tab between all the insert plugins on whatever mixer channel you have selected. No need to click on the mixer insert slot. Select another channel all those insert plugins can be tabbed between for that channel. Want to keep a particular plugin window open all the time? Just pin it and open more plugins etc. Awesome system and much easier to navigate large projects with many plugins. They are Also well labeled, I still have issues in cubase were the open plugin window has no channel name showing.

Would this mean that the smallest plugin window will have a empty border to be able to fit the largest plugin?

I am just thinking of a full window plugin, and having some tiny one knob plugin… how would the tabs work?
Otherwise, neat idea, but I think I prefer just having multiple windows open at once.

Try S-1 free and you will see. The window just resizes to each plugin. Imagine that, a windows system that actually works!

You can also open each up separately if you want as well. And no losing sight of the plugin behind another window. Amazing how other daws do not have the cubendo window issues.

No, I get it. It’s a nice novelty.

Maybe because we have always been restricted to (less than) 6 inserts :imp: , my mind can’t comprehend the notion of having such a chain that I would need to toggle multiple plugins any faster than I already do.


Had this FR back on c7.5 forum,another step to better workflow on cubase !