Tabbed Windows For VSTs & VSTis

BTW the latest version of WaveLab (I have 10 elements) has the tabbed plugin design just like in Studio One. WTF did this happen? Nice, now bring it over to Cubase! And make it work better for multi-track use.

  • 1 Great idea! This tabbed window should also be available in a separate window, so you can put it into another screen, like the Mixer. Imagine 3 monitors, the Mixer, the Timeline and Vst / Vsti in a third, that would be awesome for me!! I think it should be something like this (better organized of course :wink: )

A year since any activity on this topic, giving it a bump since I think it’s time to bring this one to the table. Giving it a vote, too.

It’s a very good workflow improvement, and it should not take much development resources to implement.

With the additional option of “follow track selection” (option directly on the tabbed window), and key commands for tab switching forward/backward, it will be VERY good. This feature should be prioritized.

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Also, this is a feature that will be useful for EVERY Cubase (and Nuendo) user. And by so, giving everybody a reason to update…

No matter if you are a pro or a hobbyist, no matter what genre you are into, if you are into MIDI or Audio, experienced or a beginner, if you are using Pro/Artist/Elements or even Nuendo, everybody will have use for this feature to avoid much of the daily annoying click party with plugins.

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lot of FR threads opened just for this FR
i may add, tabbed window + option to follow track selection(vst+vsti)

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Another feature within the feature:

  • If the option “follow track selection” is active, and the same plugin as in the currently opened tab also exists in one of the tabs for the next track - then that specific tab/plugin should be opened also for that next track (instead of simply just pick the first tab/plugin). :bulb:
    (Maybe there should also be a “follow plugin selection” option for this, or maybe that’s not necessary).

If you added this, it might be the only thing that doesn’t piss me off about Cubase 11 :rofl:

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I really want his!

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I think it would be a fantastic feature! I explained it in another way in another thread, however, it’s exactly the same proposal request! I really hope that some attention will be paid to this aspect as it is of considerable interest to the users.

I am surprised, that this FR which was started on the old forum from 4 years ago and has that many votes, cause the vote system is basically brand new and usually people don’t go search for that old threads.

So this means there are a lot people requesting this, which makes me happy. Voted as well (I put my +1 comment here 3 years ago)!

Yeah. This is already implemented in Wavelab. Would think they could adapt the code to Cubase.


Exactly. Just look at how it’s done in the Wavelab Montage and use the same idea for channel inserts. If it’s an instrument channel, put the instrument on tab 1.


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Oh nice, did not know about that.
Yeah a simple tab bar somewhere on the upper side of plugin windows would do the trick!

Another vote from me for this.

if this has already been implemented in Wavelab, I have a feeling it’s coming in C12.5…


You’re quite the optimist… :grin:

Well it happened with nuendo, there was dolby atmost first and Maat, so I hope tabs come soon after wavelab! :grin:

Wasn’t it already implemented long time ago in wavelab?
I hope you’re right, been waiting for this for years.

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This would be the best feature to have in the next version !


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