Tabla sounds different

Having a few problems with the tabla sound. I get some nice open sounds of treble and bass, but when I try to play these it reverts to a closed sound at the same pitch. When played fast, this is quite unpleasant and not at all the sound I want. Doesn’t seem to be the right sound. Any ideas how to fix, please?

Welcome to the forum, Jando. Are you using Dorico 3.5, or an older version? There were new sounds included in Dorico 3.5 that sound different to the previous tabla sounds. Can you attach a small example that shows the problem you’'re having?

I am using Dorico 3.5. Here is a video link showing the problem:

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. There are seven sounds in the new tabla patch included with Dorico 3.5, which are as follows:

Larger drum:
C4 (60): Ke
D4 (62): Ge
E4 (64): Ga

Smaller drum:
C5 (62): Te
D5 (64): Ta
E5 (76): Tu
F5 (77): Na

Unfortunately I don’t have access to the Keda books at the moment, as they’re in the office and I’m at home, so I can’t look up the correct notehead and staff position for each sound, but the attached project has a corrected drum map and at least the seven sounds mapped; you can change the noteheads and staff positions using the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog as you wish.

However, there is indeed a problem whereby the notes give the correct sound when they are auditioned but not when they are played back, which we’ll need to look into further. I’m sorry that this is going to blow past your deadline. (218 KB)

Interesting tabla clef, I was thinking about making two new percussion clefs one for Arabic Tar and Arabic Darbuka while using just two staff lines one for Dum, Dah, and the other for Tak, Tik. But, how do you create such tabla staff in Dorico? I only know how to put drums or percussion staff.

This video gives you an introduction to how to work with percussion kits with differnent numbers of instruments.

First thought: is this a bug or did I really miss an update? Until I realised it was Daniel’s file, a sneak peek into the future :smiley:

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