Tabla VST in Cubase

Hi there, Bought the Tabla VST and have a laptop and desktop. Do the heavy lifting on my desktop. Installed Tabla on my laptop thinking it would work one or the other. Cannot get it on my desktop saying license already used. Can I deactivate on one and reactivate o the other if not allowed more than one installation? Many thanks, David O’R


If you mean Tabla from Steinberg, this is not VST, this is Sound & Loop library. You can find all the sounds in the MediaBay.

They are showing as not registered on my desktop and won’t allow me to use the code saying it has already been used :frowning:

if its not yet moved to the new license SAM it will work probably only with the dongle or Soft elicenser which can use only one computer where the dongle is connected to or the Soft elicenser is registered to.
you need to check it on your elicenser, if the license is on the usb dongle just connect it to your desktop, if its on soft elicenser move it to a dongle first, and if you dont have a dongle its complicated !!

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This is the news I feared. I have none of the above and basically blew (thankfully only) $20 on something I cannot use.


Keep in mind that you can use the reactivation option to move the license to the other computer.

I’m assuming you have Cubase installed on both your desktop and laptop, no?
Since one license can only be active on one computer at a time, how do you manage the Cubase license when moving between computers? It should be the same with this license in question.


For the old eLCC-based licenses the only way is to move the license to the USB-eLicenser. Then where do you plug the USB-eLicenser in, you can use the product with the given license.

I removed it to save space as I work mainly in Dorico. I thought I could download on either computer and register without having to have Cubase on both. Sounds like not?

if you need to permanently move the tabla license from laptop to desktop ,you need to use the reactivation like Steve mentioned , or just choose some loops u like for the track u work on ,export and use them on the desktop.
hopefully eventually those sound libraries also make it to the new license allow to use on 3 computers!!