Tablature alignment and grace notes

I am trying to align the tablature on the attached document so that the tablature on bar 1 line 3 looks like the tablature in bar 1 line 2. However, they are to be played as grace notes. the way that it is rendering in tablature line 2 reflects how it is played where the first two notes are struck simultaneously and the note is rapidly hampered on. Is there a setting I can change or can I manually adjust the noes to reflect this. Finale always did this automatically. Many thanks.

Riffs.dorico (566.6 KB)

You could input it as a regular note, then scale it to grace note size in the Properties Panel.

I have thought of this thanks but then it would have duration. :grimacing:

Surely what you are really asking for is…
How you have currently notated line 3 is virtually unplayable (at least for my clumsy fingers)?

Thanks Janus. I thought I might end up doing it like this!