Tablature for 7-string Guitar- not indicating fret position of the 7th string after added in "Edit Strings" [Solved]

I have a 7-strings Classical Brazilian Guitar.
I wrote a piece for 6 strings guitar - few of the notes are in Red color because I wrote out of range (lower bass).
Then I’ve Edited the guitar on Setup mode - added 7st string with “Open Pitch=B2” 22 frets.
Then all the Red notes (that are out of the guitar range) are not positioned on the 7th string - are displayed with “?” mark instead of fret position :frowning:

Only workaround is to change instrument to electric 7 strings guitar.
see picture attached


I think the problem, Jerome, is that B2 is higher than E2, and what you really mean is B1…

Oh sh**t! So sorry!! :open_mouth:
Thanks for correcting me

I sometimes wonder if the guy who decided that octaves should go from C to C, not A to A, is regretting whatever punishment he got in the next life for that dumb decision :slight_smile:

I think the guy at fault is the one who decided that Do should be called C, rather than A.

I suspect all that guy (long departed) can say now is, “Doh!”