Tablature for guitar in higher positions

When I notate arpeggios in higher positions , say above the 5th position , Dorico notates the tablature as if in first position .
Is it possible to "tell"dorico that I’m in a higher position .
Now I’m editing the tab afterwards to put the notes on the right string .

You can’t specify the string at the time of note input except by using the on-screen Fretboard panel (new in Dorico 4): otherwise, you can either set it using the String property, or by moving the notes between strings in tablature with N/M.

Thanks Daniel ,
I had not used the fretboard panel before , i see i can enter notes mouseclicking on the right positions . The m/n method i know of , but when notating high positions there’s a lot to edit in the tablature .
I come from sibelius ( 7.5) and there is an option to specify the position you are playing ( in the tablature) .
As a classical guitarist I rather read notes myself , but my students sometimes prefer tablature especially in high positions .
It’s a strange instrument :slight_smile:

IIRC Finale also has a way to express TAB notes in higher positions.

Since I’m working on an expression map for a guitar VST at the moment, the best possible solution I can think of (as I’ve undoubtedly hinted at before… :wink:) would be:

Position markers in Roman or Arabic numbers for the notation (like “open” for the current behavior or “VII.” for the index finger in seventh position…) that also influences the TAB (along the lines of a temporary capo) and are keyswitchable in order to control suitable VSTs, like the one I’m working on.

This would kill a whole flock of birds with one stone…