Tablature Slides

I’m very new to Dorico Pro 3 so still in the uphill learning curve.

I’m currently creating some Tablature music with Dorico and on the whole its far better than the previous notation software I was using. One thing I am having trouble with is finding information on producing ‘slides’ in tablature either from YouTube tutorials or the manual. I can use the straight glissando line between two notes, but there doesn’t appear to be a dedicated tablature ‘slide’ feature in Pro 3.

Is this still to be incorporated into Dorico or am I missing this in the manual.


You’re absolutely right, Glen. At the moment there is no dedicated slide for guitar in Dorico, and for the time being you should indeed use a glissando until such time as we have the proper dedicated feature implemented.

Thanks Daniel

Hello both of you,
I’m also having a question about the glissando. I’m writing a multiple voices piece for classical guitar in Dorico. I want to put a glissando on voice 3 (bass) But dorico only puts a glissando on voice 1. Is there a way to tell Dorico that I would like the glissando on the bass voice? Thanks, friendly greetings, Vincent

Yes, it should be as simple as clicking the start note and Ctrl+clicking the end note before you type “gliss” into the Shift+O popover.

Ahhhh, yes thank you Daniel that works. Friendly greetings from Amsterdam :guitar::+1: