Table lamp animation

Hi. Can anyone remember far enough back to recall a very early digital animation of a grown-up table lamp being annoyed by a very bouncy baby one with a ball? I think it was called Son of something or other - something or other being a well- known make of anglepoise lamp in the US.

Anyway, I’d like a copy if anyone can help.


Pixar Shorts Collection - Luxo Jr. (1986)

is on YouTube :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s it. Pixar. Groundbreaking animation! :sunglasses:

Luxo Jr! That’s it, nice one fellas, I’m off for a :laughing:

Reminds me, anyone else remember MacBall? That was pretty amazing back in the day of 9 inch monochrome monitors… :laughing:

Yes! I remember that.
What a memory jog!


Old farts unite! :laughing:

I remember some smartarse, while I wasn’t looking, loaded a little app called “Virus” on my Atari STFM. Little black pixels slowly ate away the desktop. I still remember the horror… :open_mouth:

Haha, that reminds me; twenty years ago I made a little app called ‘Fly’.
It was basically a little fly that ‘flew’ randomly over your screen and ate away the pixels.
I found out how to send it to another terminal and shocked some of my colleagues! :laughing:

‘Fly 2.0’ had a little spider added that tried to catch the fly.
It was great fun to develop this (all during working hours, of course… :wink: ) with the very basic graphical possibilities at the time. I was programming in BBX (or Business Basic) then.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Funny thing is that you probably learn fast and furious with a little obsession. Very human, me thinks! :sunglasses:

Get a few of these for the office… :smiling_imp:

We drove a guy almost nuts with one a while back! :laughing: