Table Parameter Trigger Loop When Sending from Module to UI Script

I included a program for easy testing.

When you have a table parameter (not indexed strings) passing data to the UI script in key, value pairs, the parameter auto triggers continuously causing CPU spikes.
Passing a normal indexed array is fine though, and will only pass the data once.

I discovered this passing envelope points to the UI, so even an array with nested key, value tables will have this effect.
Initially the nested layout won’t cause the auto trigger, but if the UI script is reloaded after the main script module it does the same thing.

The included program has a Macro page with switches to pass the relevant data to a UI parameter to show differences in behaviour.
The counter will only step if array1 and array2 are switched, and start running if a table is switched in.

It looks like the script module is sending the data, the ui tries to then change it back to the original values which then triggers the script module to send it again and a loop is created.

Every now and then the error doesn’t occur, simply reload the program and try again.
Table Parameter Export (7.08 KB)