Tablet or Phone apps to control individual cue mixes

I may not be the typical user but I often record a number of musicians at once with Cubase. One thing I have noticed is that many DAWs are now incorporating apps that allow each performer to control the level and makeup of their individual cue mix.

Maybe its very hard but seems like you are almost already there with ic pro and could accomplish this by allowing selection of a specific Cue Mix and use the faders to effect cue send levels by track going to that cue mix.

Fingers crossed I have been envying those with it for a year now.

I think iCPro does that already. You can select a cue mix (1-4) on your tablet or iphone and then set the levels and pan of any tracks you want to hear.

really? I never noticed it before but will definately try when I get home tonight. If so that is awesome, thanks for the heads up!

You are right! That’s awesome however you have to have pro so that would mean every musician that comes to my studio would need to buy the app which is a super bummer.

I’d like to officially change my feature request to:

a free cue mix only verion of ICPro so that visitors don’t have to buy the app just to control their cue mix during a session

this should be made for android and IOS phones and tablets… musicians and the engineer will be happy and love to use cubase even more

+1 for this

And not just for Apple!