Tablet supporting Dorico (suggestion)

many of us use Cubase and Logic, and many of us use a tablet connected to the application to do remote editing, key commands, mixing, tweaking and so on.
It would be wonderful to see such a feature for Dorico as well, an app that is adjustable and flexible to the needs of the user, we could easily find all important key commands colorized and tagged with a name on the tablet instead navigating through our physical keyboard.
Especially for entering notes.
Any thoughts?

…and of course the next step would be a full tablet version with the possibility to write with a stylus :wink:
but this demand is way too early now!

This is certainly something we’ve talked about in the past - and I’d like to see context-sensitive help rolled into that too.

It’s certainly on our list. We also plan to expose many of the features and functions via our API to allow third parties to create new and interesting ways of interacting with Dorico.

We have close links with the folks behind StaffPad and NotateMe and imagine that tight integration with those products could provide a very slick experience.

These are wonderful news.
Looking forward to seeing what Dorico may be in some time!

Of course, our focus is on the here and now at the moment and making sure Dorico can do everything you need it to do.

I know, this just came into my mind and I wanted to share it, I don’t expect something like this before next year.