tabs and windows

Hello, I have on my computer Dorico 2 for several months, and Dorico 3 for a few days. I use an external monitor on which I place Dorico.
With dorico 2 automatically it opens on the external monitor. Dorico 3 never and I have to move him.
When on Dorico 2 I open a second project, it opens in a tab, but with Dorico 3 impossible to have a new tab, it is always another window and will open every time on the screen of the computer (13 inches) and not on the monitor.
Is there a setting to make, I do not remember having to do anything with Dorico 2, and in fact it’s pretty annoying to always have rezize the windows.
Thank you and forgiveness for this long message!

I just configured the virtual desktops and now Dorico 3 always opens on the external monitor, but if I open a second project it opens systematically on a new window that covers the first, the option merge the windows 'not act, while the same manipulation on Dorico 2 opens a new tab, much more convenient. Am I the only one?

I guess you’re on macOS, and you’re using the application tabs feature introduced in Sierra or High Sierra, whichever one it was? I didn’t think Dorico ever fully supported this OS feature because we found that there were some problems we think were caused by the underlying Qt framework that could lead to crashes when using these tabbed views. However, we’ve not made any changes to the window management features in Dorico 3, though we are now using a newer version of Qt, so it’s possible that this has changed between Dorico Pro 2 and Dorico Pro 3 as a consequence of that.

thank you for answering me, yes I am on high Sierra.
and actually everything was ok on Dorico 2 at this level.
In fact I thought that the problem of opening on the external screen was resolved but in fact it is random, and I admit that even if it may seem a detail it’s really not practical. Do you think that will be the subject of a later correction?

If we can get a handle on the problem, we can try to fix it, but I can’t make any promises, I’m afraid.