Tabs in Dorico

I’m a late-comer to working with Tabs in Dorico, which are fantastic for viewing different parts and scores. Particularly in large documents, it seems quicker to switch between tabs of different layouts than to switch the Layout in the same tab/window.
You can also have separate windows of the same document, too. There may be some significance I’m missing to the difference.

However, this might be a bug: If you’re in Engrave mode, you can switch to another tab that displays Galley View, and still be in Engrave mode.

I would think that is correct behavior, that the program would remain in whatever mode you are currently in - allowing you to stay in that mode until switching to another. Views are views, modes are modes…

No, it’s not the expected behavior. Engrave mode should display Page view only, according to the tutorials.

Ben’s right, this seems like a bug. I tried it and got the same result.

And once in Engrave mode, you can’t switch to Page view using the customary key commands.

I stand corrected!..

When I tried it out, I noticed that I could stay in Engrave mode while in Galley view and that I could click on items that could typically be changed in Engrave, (so I thought this was allowed). I did not, however, actually try changing things, which, after trying it turns out is not possible. You are both correct - this must be a bug because it gives the appearance of Engrave Mode, without the functionality.

It is indeed not intentional that you should be able to view a tab in galley view from Engrave mode. This will need some attention from the team, and I’ve logged it for them to consider how to solve it in future.