Tabs keep Closing in Inspector in Cubase 9

Not exactly a showstopper, but why do the tabs in the inspector window keep closing up whenever you close a project. It’s a bit annoying having to click back on all the tabs to open them again each time you reopen a previous project. Cubase 8.0/8.5 maintains your open tabs even after quitting and restarting the program. Unless there’s some new preference setting that I’m missing, this should be looked at.


Always the very 1st tab (Track Name) opens, while loading project, here. Even if I save the project with other tab open. Is it the same on your side?

Yes, I believe your right. First tab stays open while all the others close after reloading project. Again, does;t effect performance but rather annoying. Must be a glitch with the new version (as mentioned, previous version never did this).

Yes for me and, I submitted an “Bug Report” for this concern. Too bad I did not notice the concern the OP brought up or I would have included that with my bug report too. Hopefully I can edit the bug report if/when it gets approved and posted.

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This has been confirmed as a bug by Steinberg. Should hopefully be fixed soon.