Tabs not expanding in project window

When I click on the gray “inspector" tabs (midi or audio) example: (insert, strip, eq, sends, cue sends, surround pan, fade, etc.,” ) of the project window they no longer expand! What would cause them to lock up like that? Have I inadvertently hit something to cause this problem? Thanks.

Cubase 7.06, Window 8/64, Steinberg Ur22,Intel 1-7 3770 3.4 GHz, 16 GB, ram, 2 monitors

Hi Rickmidnite,

is it a general problem or does it only happen in one project? Please create a new empty project and see if it happens there as well.


Genius!!! I simply created a new 4 bar 2 trk acoustic & vocal project using existing template as you suggested now everything else is back up and running! Thank you! for your help!!

Huhn, that happened to me now and again too.
I never found a way to correct it. It usually just corrected itself after some time(days or weeks). Very random.

In my inspector panel view on the left hand side all the panels are minimized. I can’t open them as of today. I’ve tried the blank project suggestion like I just read and it still comes up all minimized without responding to clicks on the different windows for inserts, aritculation, EQ…etc. I’ve tried ALT-I and it opens and closes the entire inspector but all the elements still do not respond

I’m completely baffled here.

Any other suggestions to try?

Cubase 7.0.6 Build 2230 (64 bit) - Built on Sep 5 2013
Windows 7 Professional 7 x64
Presonus Audiobox USB interface

The same thing happened to me last spring, very baffling. Starting a new blank project did not solve the problem.

Someone on the board suggested a rollback to an earlier restore point in Windows. That solved it.

I’ve never gotten an explanation as to why this happens.