Tabs on top menu

Hello greetings to all, what a great update for dorico iPad!!! Thank you very much team!

In the previous versions the top menu came out with all tabs visible on my iPad Pro 12’9 in Spanish language, but now no longer, this is normal??!?

We have different size constants for different languages. I think the issue is that the mode buttons are wide enough in Spanish that if they were shown in full, it would end up having to hide other toolbar buttons at the right-hand side, so it now prefers to collapse the mode buttons down into a single menu. We feel this approach is the right one, since we believe that users interact more with the transport/undo/redo controls etc. at the right-hand end of the toolbar than the mode buttons at the left.

Of course I understand it perfectly and I agree, I just noticed that before this update all the tabs appeared, I think they only added the “jump” button.

I should mention that having all the menus at the top seemed quite useful on my iPad 12’,9 obviously landscape mode, something I miss.

Great job by the way!