Tabs to manage different arrangements of the same piece

Greetings everyone,

Here is my request : can we have something at the project level in order to manage different arrangements or various orchestrations of the same piece of music, while keeping the audio/vst setup intact (and still loaded) ?

You could for example simply introduce tabs at the top of the project window, which would enable us to start a new arrangement of the same piece from scratch, leaving the entire audio/vst environment absolutely unchanged. We could then go back and forth between the various tabs when copying a given portion of one arrangement to another. A little bit like the arrangement window which was present at the old Cubase VST time.

That would be such a handy feature for those of us who make lots of alternate versions of the same piece of music, which is very common when scoring for films.


Don’t we already have the arranger track for this purpose ?

That’s right, but when you have to rewrite an entire new arrangement, it’s just unuseful.

For example, when I have to provide my publisher with a new track, I always have to write at least three versions of the same piece of music : 30 seconds, 90 secs and 3 min. That implies slightly different music for each format.

And quite regularly, I have to write the same theme for piano solo, for full orchestra and for a small ensemble. That means the same lead theme gets so different orchestrations and arrangements that having a full project window while keeping the vst setup unchanged would be really helpful for me.

That’s why I’m simply submitting the idea of tabs for the project window.