tabs wont stay in full screen

Hi guys

Has anyone else had this problem?
Im running C6.0.4 on windows 7 no major issues.
But say I have an editor window fully open then say open the mixer or midi instrument rack the editor window will become unlocked and move?
Slowing my work flow down quite a bit and quite anoying having to keep adjusting.

Is their a preference for this in cubase i can turn off?
Or is this. Windows issue?


Rightclick on the window you want to remain open and enable ‘always on top’.

Hey Strophoid

Thanks for the advise buddy…unfortunately this wont work as you cant do it whith the key editor or any other editor window and the main project window?

its weird i dont rember sx3 doing it?


It’s a Windows issue. One of the reasons I came to Mac. Used to drive me crazy having to reposition windows all day long.

so i take it you never resolved the issue on pc then?

its driving me mad.


The best way I found was to use screensets. First extend your editor window to fill the screen, but not with the maximise button - drag the corners. Next, create a screenset and assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

If I remember rightly, the editor window wont jump about if it’s not ‘maximised’. Even if it does, you can easily recall it with the screenset key command.

Hope that helps