Tacet flow query

The new feature for showing tacet flows is great - just what I wanted. But I’m finding inconsistencies in the brass.

Flow 2 for brass is mostly empty; there are notes in Trumpet 1 and the 4 horns but not in the rest of the brass.

Trumpet 2 and Trombone 1 show Tacet.

Trombone 2, bass trombone, and tuba do not - on de-selecting them (as I did with Trombone 1), Flow 2 doesn’t appear at all, but goes straight from Flow 1 to Flow 3. I wondered what would happen if I tried to de-select the horns, but got a warning message, because they do have notes. So presumably Dorico does realise these 3 instruments are empty, just doesn’t feel like marking them tacet.

Before I sort out a file to upload - has anyone else found inconsistencies?

I suspect it’s you that’s been inconsistent rather than Dorico:

If you remove a player from a flow, you’ll get a Tacet in the part layout.
If you remove the flow from the part layout, you won’t get a Tacet.

I think I’ve got that the right way round…

Shouldn’t be at all surprised if it was I who was inconsistent!

However, this is what I did:

For Trombone 1:
Show the part in the centre panel so I can be sure I was looking at the right thing,
Select Flow 2 in the bottom panel,
Uncheck the box for Trom 1 in the LH panel.
Result: shows Tacet for Flow 2 in Trom 1 part.

For Trombone 2:
Show the Trom 2 part,
Select Flow 2 in the bottom panel,
Uncheck the box for Trom 2 in the LH panel.
Result: the whole of Flow 2 disappears from the Trom 2 part. No tacet. Goes straight from Flow 1 to Flow 3.

I was very careful to do the same thing for both instruments.

Then I went to Full score, selected Flow 2, de-selected Trom 2. Still no Tacet in the part. I’m selecting Flow 2 because I don’t want any other flows interfered with.

I don’t know how to remove a flow from a part layout. That doesn’t mean I haven’t done so, of course.

I can’t remember how I created the file - which orchestral template - but I wonder vaguely if it has anything to do with adding further instruments to the template, and the extra instruments not picking up the flags they’re meant to.

I’m not in front of Dorico right now, so I can’t tell you exactly what Dorico does when you select a layout from the dropdown at the top of the central panel.

If you want to select the player, click on it in the left panel.
If you want to select the layout, click on it in the right panel.

I still think this is your problem :wink:

I re-read the Version History, which isn’t at all clear on exactly what to do.

Setup > Layout options > Players > Tacets
I checked the box ‘Show tacet for flows where no players are assigned’
Then I unchecked the box in the LH Panel of Setup, and I finally got the Tacet.

What I simply do not understand is why it gave me the tacet for some instruments and not others. Given the ‘Show tacet’ box was NOT checked, why did it show tacets for any instruments at all? I created this file some months ago, before the tacet option was introduced so it’s not as if there were instruments created after the new feature came in, which would therefore have picked it up.

Thanks pianoleo!

Layout Options are layout-specific. You might need to be careful about which layouts are selected in the right panel of Layout Options.

There is an option in the Setup menu / Layout Options / Players / Tacets, “Show tacet for flows where no players are assigned”.

If that isn’t selected, then you won’t get a text heading saying “tacet” for flows where the player doesn’t appear at all.

If the player IS in the flow, but doesn’t have any notes to play, you will always get a staff with a multirest labeled “tacet”.

Indeed, and I had found that, as I said in my last post. I can’t now be sure how that flag was set for the instruments for which it worked. If it was set, goodness knows how. As it took me so long to find it on this occasion, I can hardly think I’d done so intentionally.

Anyway, problem solved. Thanks!