Tacet in Full Score

Is there a way to show Tacets also in full score like in this example, made with Finale:

If this is not possible, is there a way to have custom text be placed by default on a staff so I could add Tacets this way? Otherwise I would need to drag every single text item on the staff to its right position.

There’s no automatic way of doing this, but you could do this manually as you suggested: I’d recommend doing one on one staff, moving it into position (making sure to turn off its collision avoidance so Dorico doesn’t continue to think it should be where it goes by default), then copying that to the other staves, e.g. by keeping it selected then Alt/Opt-clicking each staff. The copied versions retain the offsets added to the original, so they should go in more-or-less where you’d want them to be.

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or using Copy to Staff Below.

You could perhaps create a Horizontal Line that has the Text in it – just like Smart Shapes in Finale!