Tack QC and InstrumentRack QC


I am a Little confused - maybe someone can help and clarify: When I Mount a VST Instrument and create a midi track (or use an Instrument track) already in cubase 7 the track quick controls were automatically assigned to the first eight (or relevant eight) Paramenters of the Instrument!

So… what are the IntrumentRack QC then doing? What is the difference?

Please read carefully what I am saying and then… help ;o)

Cheers, Ernst

The Instrument R(T)rack QC are a new set of controls. The normal Quick Controls are left as they are.
The Instrument Rack QCs are a set of 8 that are taken as the first 8 Controls of the Remote Control Editor.
You can lock the controls to a certain instrument, if you press on the control knob in the rack right bottom corner of the rackinstrument.