Tag Dorico-for-iPad not visible

In the forum the tag Dorico-for-iPad is not visible in the tag drop down menu. This applies to all categories and also to the Dorico category. Am I overlooking something?

Which tag drop-down menu are you referring to? If you want to see existing posts that are tagged with dorico-for-ipad you can do so e.g. by clicking here. And you should be able to add the tag yourself when you are opening a new thread by setting it when you choose the thread title.

I see that if you enter dorico-for-ipad in the search field it does work. I expected it in the dropdown menu, and it is not visible there…
It’s just a minor detail . Thank you.

You are right that it doesn’t display in the menu by default. I suspect it only shows the first 10 or so results that have been used the most. If you start to type in that box it pops right up as an option though.

I understand. Thank you.