Tag in score after deleting misplaced double bar line

While working on a score I noticed that I had a double bar line in the wrong location. After changing it back to a normal bar line, the next bar now has this tag:

What is this and how do I get rid of it?

Did you actually delete it or did you add a new normal barline? If you added a new barline, this is a barline override and you get a signpost. Select the signpost and delete it.

I think I added a new barline on top of the unwanted double line.
I have tried deleting it but it persists. I’ve tried selecting and then pressing Backspace-key and also selecting and going to Edit>Delete. No luck :o(

What have you tried to delete ? The barline or the signpost? My understanding is that the target should be the signpost.

I selected the signpost but can’t delete it.

In write mode ?

I just tried selecting the single barline and deleting it. Success!!
So had to select the barline instead of the signpost to be able to delete the signpost.

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Ok, great. I never know which one should be the target, and I got confused again sorry!

Thank you for helping so swiftly!!

Ah sorry. With most things, selecting the signpost to delete works. I forgot that with barlines, you need to select the barline itself.

@Craig_F As a new user, I think that the intuitive way to delete would be to select the signpost for deletion. That’s what at least I tried first.

I agree. As you see, it tripped up myself and Marc and we’re both Dorico veterans.

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I have also seen this situation where I cannot delete a meter signpost (even if it is the same as the prevailing meter) and I am trying to reproduce it now but failing. I’d like to get to the bottom of this some time. Can anyone provide a reproducible case?

Probably the same situation as here. Time Sigs and barlines are the same thing in Dorico. So, next time try selecting the barline and then delete.

This is from a testing perspective. It’s working for me now in several ways I’ve tried, so I am looking for a case where it doesn’t work.

Select any barline. Add a normal single barline on top of it. A signpost will appear. The signpost can’t be deleted, you must delete the barline.

Thank you! I think this might explain every past case I encountered, but now I will know what to watch out for.

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