Tag Track with Attibute to Filter them on Large Template

This would be a simple yet massive increase in my workflow…

I use Lemur as a control surface and have written long scripts to be able to manipulate and hide tracks on my 1000+ track template.

I do this by hiding tracks based on their names - for example if the track I want to find is a percussion instrument from Kontakt Factory Library, say a triangle for example, I would name the track KTF Triangle Prc and then my Lemur template uses a generic remote and Project Logical Editor to hide those tracks that don’t have KTF or Prc in the name - giving me a more usable instrument list.

This works well but is quite clumsy - and can make for long track names when all actually is needed to be displayed is that the instrument is a “triangle!”.

It would be really good therefore to be able to tag a track, say in a window similar to the track notepad which can then be used to hide all the “metadata” for the track to be used in the visibility filter, very much like you can tag the track templates in the mediabay.