Tagging Exported files

What is the best way to export files for CD burning and what meta data can be included in the files?
We have not been able to tag tracks and would like some input

It doesn’t matter, in fact. You can’t burn, or create CD image directly from Cubase. So you have to import all exported files (songs) to diferent application for burning CDs (like WaveLab). You can export some meta data from Cubase, but these are ron texts, which are visible on the CD.

My suggestion is to export all the songs as WAV in CD quality, ie 44.1 kHz and 16bit. It’s not necesary to convert it in the application for the burning, in this case.

I would agree on that if nothing but burning is done to the files. Otherwise, if any (pre)mastering is done later, it’s advisable to export in 24 bits (or even 32 float) and the used sample rate. Leave downsampling and bit reduction to the mastering / burning software, so you only dither once. Be aware that even a simple fade in for instance Wavelab will up the wave to 32-float internally, so after that dithering is needed to go back to 16 bits.