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Hey everyone,

Does anyone know how to assign multiple values to an attribute (e.g. being able to select both Hip hop and R&B in the “Genre” attribute and have them show up as two distinct values! so I can use the attribute filter without getting weird categories like Hip Hop+R&B but instead get the mediabay to understand that I’m assigning the sample to both categories under the same attribute!) The only attribute that seems possible is the “Character” one. Ideally, I would like to create my own attributes and values and replicate that same idea. I understand that for some attributes like “Tempo” or “Key”, this feature would be irrelevant because all possible values are mutually exclusive (e.g. either the tempo is at 120 or 125, can’t be both) but like I said, it would be really useful for those other flexible attributes like “Genre” or “Style”. If anyone has any idea how to do this or a workaround maybe, I would appreciate it very much!



Sorry to see your request stayed unanswered for some time.

1.) You could add the alternate genre in your “comment” field (for logical searches, that would be sufficient and would show up in your results list).

2.) If you want to search using the “Attribute” search, you can alter your attribute columns by clicking on the little arrow pointing downwards. You can also add your own attributes in media bay (using the “Attribute Inspector”). First make sure the “right zone” is visible in the media bay. This will show the attribute inspector. Then click on the configuration symbol (the little gear symbol" (Its next to the “Defined” button). This will open the “edit” mode in which you can delete or add new attributes using the plus or minus sign. Your new attributes can then also be added in your “Attribute” search columns (by clicking on the little arrow pointing down). I have included a screen shot.

To add or remove columns in the search results, you can also click on the “gear” symbol in the upper right hand corner of your search window. Its all pretty basic once you know where to look.