Tagging of plugins

Is there anyway to get rid of these tags? I just like to sort by vender. I do not want the extra tags or labels as seen in the photo.

They are classified and labeled. I would like to be able to label and classify them if I choose or just have them be sorted alphabetically by vendor.

Nevermind. I just figured it out.

You have to first sort by vendor.

Then create your own collection

Add colelction and edit to your liking. Sweet!

I do think it would be nice to have a feature to include or not include tags on the plugins

While not as flexible as tags, what you can do right now is put the same plug-in into multiple collection folders. So for example I have all my plugs arranged by both function (Dynamics, EQ, Modulation, etc.) and by vendor. Also all my Compressors are in my Dynamics folder, but there is also a sub-folder for compressors with Mix controls. So if a compressor has a mix control it will be in my main collection 3 times - once each in the 1) Dynamics folder 2) Mix Control sub-folder & 3) Vendor folder.

Basically I think the key is to have your collection(s) reflect the various ways you think about the plugs.