Tagging selected notes

Hello all,

To fulfil the assignments in the composition and orchestration course I’m following, I need to colour-code notes in my orchestral score and attach to the first staff of the coloured instruments a “tag” (i.e. a boxed, coloured text like “lead line”, “side line”, etc.).

It would be nice to have the possibility to select notes in write mode and from the contextual menu assign a tag from a set of previously defined ones, an operation that will colours the notes and add the tag boxed text to the first one of the selected group.

Screenshot 2022-06-19 at 15.38.05

Can do easy… Enter the notes and the text you want. While still in write mode, Select the text, then in the bottom panel slide the little switch that says “border”. With either the text or notes you want selected, in the bottom panel slide the switch that says “color” and choose the color you want.

As far as selecting those as some kind of pre-defined tags… I’m not sure what is possible, especially with things like stream deck, but for me it is about as easy to just type whatever.