Tailpiece (and string instrument) glyph(s)

I was wondering if there is any way of having a tailpiece pictogram available in Dorico (to use for some weird notation purposes of course). I see there is a BridgeClef available in SMuFL/Bravura, but no bridge, or string instrument in general, pictograms seem to be there.
It would be indeed very comfortable to have those available somehow…

Otherwise, is it the only workaround to create a custom symbol by importing a graphic?


If you have a specific symbol in mind, please feel free to provide me with some examples of the symbol used in published scores, with citations (so that we can look them up), and we can add it to the backlog for consideration for future revisions to SMuFL (and therefore to Bravura).

I believe this is the one (SVG here).

You can import it easily as a custom playing technique.

Reminded of this:

Although I guess when you’d try this in Dorico the tailpiece glyph would be the least of your problems :wink:

I wonder, which program was used to create this? Perhaps one day Dorico will get e “free graphic mode” …

This is almost certainly Illustrator.

I can’t say for sure, obviously, but I couldn’t see Dorico ever having a completely free graphic function. There would be so many tools and settings involved.

There must be something left to improve for Dorico 8 … :smiley:


I will for sure come up with some of those, as soon as I stumble up again on the scores I have in mind. It would definitely be interesting to have it implemented in SMuFL\Bravura, seeing how rich and complete it already is!
But as suggested lower, when notations get too fancy then the easiest way is probably to realize it through Illustrator.