Take Drum Maps & Editor One Step Further

Steinberg, not sure if you will see this but the Drum Map and Drum Editor are really unique features and I really think that they could be taken a step further! A few ideas:

  1. Make drum maps save across all cubase projects
  2. Allow us to delete rows in the map, so if the kit is only one octave or a few pads, we don’t need to see the whole keyboard
  3. Update the GUI of the Maps window
  4. Add feature to select all hits on a particular row by clicking the left side (see how Ableton select all of a particular pitch in the midi roll works)
  5. providing users with a few more drum maps for common plugins such as Battery, XLN Audio XO, Atlas, etc. Right now it only integrates well with Groove Agent.

Let me know what you think! Thank you!

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Actually BFD3 integrates great with Cubase which auto-loads the Drum Map directly from BFD3. That implies that the plug-in makers have control over the level of integration they allow for their own plug-ins.

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It is not exactly what you are requesting, but if you shift-double click the left most note, then all notes in this row (on the right of the selection) will be checked.

I would like to see the add-delete row feature too.

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great ideas, i would love to be able to delete rows as well and also to be able to add separators (i like to seperate my sections like kick&snare / Toms / Hihat Articulations / Ride Articulation / Cymbals / FX)
everbody who works with Superior Drummer 3 will know how many instrument articulations they have available :grin:

that’s cool I did not know this. Might check out that plugin then. Wish I could set that up with superior drummer but I basically created my own map.