Take Lanes Question


Lets say I have 3 take lanes and I did the comping. When I add a new file to the 4th lane, Cubase replaces all my edits of the first 3 lane with the 4th lane data making it the main take. Is there any way to avoid this? So I can keep my edits and only add the bits I want from the new 4th lane.
Hope it is clear.

Iā€™m not in Cubase right now, but I believe the behavior is expected. Cubase will always promote the last lane as the take that it plays. You have to use the comp tools to go in and select the takes that you want to be active.

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You could try a render in place (keep Current Settings), or duplicate the track and work on that version.

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Yes, I was trying to find.a way to disable that behaviour
Thank you,

Thank you for the suggestions.
Another way I found is. copy the comp lane with all sub lanes to an empty location, bring in the new file and drag back the comp to its place.

Of course when you do another take you can toggle the new take off to revert to the earlier comp using the Hand tool or clicking upon the lower rectangle in the clip.

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Ah yes!
This is what I was trying to find.
Thank you so much!