Take rewriting/notepad/macros?


I just installed trial version of WaveLab and have got some questions. Could please someone help me out.

  1. How can I turn on a “notepad” like in Cubase? I need to make a voiceover for the video and it’s very important to read the script. I can’t find the notepad in the interface and menu.
  2. How can I rewrite the recordings like in cubase? When I press record, another take records over the first take and then when I playback all the takes sound simultaneously… I need all the takes to be deleted when the new take kicks in.
  3. Where are the macros? In cubase I can hit one button and then the unnecessary take deletes and the recording starts automatically, but here I have to stop, chose the take, delete and press record button again… it takes a lot of time… Maybe there are features that I don’t know about?
  4. duck function doesn’t work properly. Maybe I configure it badly. I’ve got the video + host. In host I choose the audio of my video in a source and then I try to move the knob “Music attenuation” to the left or right… If I move it to the left I won’t be able to hear my recording, if I move to the right I will hear the recording, but the audio of the video will be as it was before turning on this “duck” plugin… Cubase’ compression+sidechain worked perfectly…
  5. after rendering the audio in Cubase this file automatically launches the WaveLab and open it up… what the hell? Why would someone add this feature?

Could someone clarify please :slight_smile: Thanks