takes 25 minutes for dorico to start

I have dorico elements 3. When I try to run Dorico all works perfectly except it takes 25 minutes for it to start. It seems to hang on the splash screen. Eventually it works. Any ideas. I also have cubase 10.5 and a few other Steinberg programs on the usb dongle.

That is really unusual. Please choose from Dorico’s menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ which creates a zip file on your desktop. Please attach that to a reply here in the forum.

solved the problem. I had recently updated my elicenser to the current version. I am running windows 10 1909 64 bit on ssd. I looked at some of the comments in this forum and uninstalled the elicenser and then installed the older version. Now the program starts in seconds. As long as no other steinberg products require the latest elicenser version all is well.

windbag, if you download and install version 3.5.11 from this page, you can safely update eLicenser and still expect reasonable start-up times.