Takes, Lanes, and Overlap question

For context – a client has given me a .wav file where they read through several lines, and repeat the line multiple times(takes) and continue on to the next line. I then chop the .wav file up in Nuendo into separate regions for each of the takes/lines.

My question is – is there a preference or modifier key I can hold so I can take for example, the second take and move it on top of the first take (thus overlapping it) and instead of having both clips overlapping each in lane 1 – have the overlapping audio go to lane 2? I have a ton of these clips and I’m trying to find a way to speed this up so I can comp through these. Thanks!

I’m not sure where the menu item is anymore but assign a key command to “Clean Up Lanes”. Select your overlapping audio and then run that command and it should split everything to lanes.

Yes, I discovered the ‘Clean Up Lanes’ option only yesterday.

Load your .wav file into Nuendo and chop it up to separate the sections.

Then pile them all up on top of each other.

Right-click on the track (not the clips), and select ‘Clean Up Lanes’.

If the ‘Show Lanes’ icon is selected each section will now be on a separate lane within the track.

Hope this works for you.

Thanks everyone! That did the trick. I think I looked up most every other command and preference, glossed over ‘Clean Up Lanes’ and had it in my brain that it did something totally different. Anyways, I appreciate the help. :smiley: