Takes to track

Hi All;

Sort of a newbie here with Cubase. Have spent most of my time in other DAW’s. Want to know how I can take the “tracks” that I have recorded and expand them into a single track on that channel. I will often not know where I am going musically, so I am not interested in creating a loop 128 bars long or someting when the idea may not last once I start playing. So I like to go with the default 8 bars provided in the presets and just start playing to those tracks on loop. After I like what I am doing, I will hit record and sometimes record only two or three tracks, but other times I am taken places I did not know I was going to go and rather than stopping and trying to recapture my groove, I continue on and end up with 88 tracks or something. Now I want to hear those 88 tracks back to back, and would also like to turn them into a single long track (I realize I will still have to expand my drum and vst instruments to span the new length). HOW DO I DO THIS?

Any help greatly appreciated. My searches in the forum produced similar situations, but none that helped me to resolve this problem.

BTW, I think it is great that when I type Cubase in this forum interface, the spellcheck flags it as a misspelled word. Update your dictionary for phpBB guys. Not that hard as far as I remember from my phpBB customization days.


Not sure which version of Cubase you are using.
GIve this a go.
Highlight the track and make it " Events to Part" then you can expand the file left or right…
Good featuring for bouncing stems into a project folder. You can then “Bounce” your track with the expanded length. Good luck. There is a few ways to work this out, just work on your best method and you will get it down. This should get you started. I hope this helps.

Thanks cezanardi. That really helped. It made each take a “full” track including all takes that came before and after it.


P.S. I am using v5 that I inherited from a friend who has gone to the dark side (pro tools).