taking audio/midi from ablton 9 and using it in cubase

hey there,

ive been using ableton for the last couple years and i just downloaded a trial version of cubase 7, and im loving it. there are some old stuff that i did in ableton, that i wish to complete in cubase. the way that i transfered the audio, was i rendered each individual track and then imported into cubase (not sure if this is the best way, but its all i could come up with). some of it seemed to work, i however have a midi kick with delay on it, which is in perfect time in ableton, when i import the audio into cubase, it starts to go off time from the click after a minute or so.

i feel like this is an easy fix, but like i say im really new to cubase. any suggestions on how to efficiently transfer the audio…?

muchly appreciated,

Perhaps the two song tempos are different in Cubase and Ableton. Note that in Cubase you can have several decimal places of tempo but you can’t always see them everywhere, so best to stick with x.0 type tempi just to be clear. It should work perfectly then.

You could get into all sorts of virtual audio drivers and virtual midi cables if you really wanted to, but I expect that rendering and importing is the easiest to get instant results…


Don’t forget you can Rewire Ableton into Cubase as well :wink: