taking away warning screen for unmapped I/O

When I open a project made in an earlier version (or one made with this version with my previous audio interface, before I traded it in for one that actually works), I get this screen that shows “unmapped” or “missing” I/O ports. I would like to get rid of this. I have the inputs and outputs defined with my present interface, so how do I eliminate this warning screen and just go to my project? I’m quite tired of computers giving me warning screens, message boxes, and “are you sure” prompts when all I want to do is just work with the project.

Select “Map Always”.


Why the bump?

Channels have to be mapped at some point or the data goes nowhere.

The only exception might be MIDI inputs, as data can be programmed otherwise map as not connected.

well if you explain yourself a little bit better than just “maps always” and supply the route on being able to apply this then it might be more helpful !

Well assuming the OP actually wants to hear something, then audio/midi tracks must have their outputs mapped to somewhere.

MIDI outputs need to be routed to an external output or a VST instanced on the VST instruments page. The same is true for audio except routing here can only be done via groups/fx or hardware outputs.

MIDI inputs don’t need to be connected because you can “mouse in” notes or use loops eg VST instrument tracks.

I use various different audio and midi interfaces so for me it is a real help. The only thing I could say is it would be great if Steiny didn’t map MIDI in connections by default but I believe it can be set in the software as a preference.