Taking screenshots of Channel/Plugin/Strip editor parameters in Cubase...


Is there a way to make a “all numbers” on a plugin or on the MixConsole or inside the Strip, etc to show up when taking a screenshot in Cubase?

I’ll put up two images here, so you know what I’m talking about. Look at the Noise Gate:


OMG adding images seem to be super hard on this forum… Sigh!


For the plugin part:

Every plugin has a little menu on the top right side - a drop down arrow.

In this menu there is a point called: Switch to Generic Editor. (for every plugin, yes;) )

Once activated , you will have a list with all values of said plugin.


Doesn’t seem to be… maybe it would be useful to add those parameters to Quick Controls, and include them (from the Inspector) in your screen shot?

Thanks! :slight_smile: Didn’t think of that…