Taking the plunge - The mixes...

I’ve had an offer that I can’t refuse…though I did actually ponder it for a good long while.
A chance to record at Neil Finn’s (Crowded House/Split Enz/Finn Brothers) studio Roundhead, NZ’s #1 recording facility.

My mate and I will be joined by Eddie Rayner (Split Enz keyboard wizard) and Michael Barker (former drummer for The John Butler Trio). Eddie (NZ’s foremost producer, who will of course be producing, playing keyboards and mixing), tabled the proposal after hearing a number of the tunes I and Shayne had been recording under The Stragglers banner - he liked what he heard and suggested we record them ‘properly’ in order to create a body of work of the highest posibble standards.

It’ll be an intensive one day session in Studio A - the big one! The plan is to get the foundations for five songs down including main vocals. I have aprehensions… but pretty excited too! :slight_smile:

Video Update:


Ian, what an outstanding opportunity! Fantastic!

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

It sure is Nick! Of course, while it’s been offered at ‘mates rates’ there’s still some $$ involved which was of course was of some concern. I have no expectations that it will lead to anything as such, but in the end I decided that it’d be worth it just to have the experience - that alone is worthy justification I think…and I aint gettin’ any younger so I suspect the chance of an opportunity like this arriving again is probably pretty slim! :sunglasses:

Looking forward to the story afterwards, and the music too! Best wishes, and success!

fantastic news - best of luck - and …
have fun!

Sounds like a great opportunity to pick up techniques/pointers/etc. as well as hang with the blokes. Hopefully you can post the results. Good luck!

Have fun and enjoy it, Ian! :sunglasses:

Great stuff Ian, well pleased for you :sunglasses:
All the best

Take some piccies too while you’re at it. Even though it’s the wrong forum, we’re still gearslutz :wink:

Best of luck Ian. :sunglasses:

+1 on the piccies idea! Viddies would be cool too!

Cool beans, Ian. Best of luck with it all. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I was just talkin’ to Shayne yesterday about the whole pic/video thing. He’s got a mate that would be keen to take responsibility for that which would be rather cool :sunglasses:

Outstanding, Ian! Can’t wait to hear the results - and the stories. (feel free to embellish) :sunglasses:

Cheers Lenny…AND …where the heck have you been?? :astonished:

Next challenge is choosing the 5 songs… :confused:

Preparing for this

Nice! Watched all 3 clips. I’ve heard you play many times…but this could be the first time I’ve actually SEEN it!?? :astonished:

Yeah I need to watch the video downstairs. Using a high speed camera was a great idea, but the audio is very low. I need to be able to boost it on the studio setup.


I’m confused – are you guys covering 3, or you now a member of 3? The guitarist plays like the guy in 3, but doesn’t sound like the singer from 3 – ???

Anyway, yeah, GREAT songs & performances in those three videos – and they sound good, too

Firstly ‘cool bananas’ Ian, 'hope to get listen to the results?

Great stuff there Lenny!! First time I’ve seen anyone play ‘slap guitar’, and I’m impressed (with the whole band) :sunglasses: !



Yes that’s some very nice playing!