'Tales' textures stopped ... well.. texturing


yesterday, i loaded Tales, and everything worked. I tried different textures… and all was well…

Today, i boot up my Mac and when I click on TEXTURES (button enabled) , my keyboard does not produce any sound at all…even with recording enabled….

i just re-booted everything, and tried again.


when i re-loaded my cubase clicking on TEXTURES, i did hear the guitar sounding… , but the textures don’t seem to work when i enabled it and went into the settings panel… .and chose different textures…. …

btw: I have a new Keyboard (Komplete M32). i did hookup my Akai MPK mini … and the textures don’t work there either…

That is strange, no ? The Studio setup is showing the keyboard, and I can hear the instrument when record enabled.

It worked yesterday when i loaded Tales for the first time….

note: Cubase 12 elements boots up and it appears its running under Rosetta

note: I am still on Monterey… maybe i should upgrade to my OS.