Talk To Me (again)

Hi there ,heres one i did ages ago, ive had a go at re mixing it ,i`m still humming and harring about sounds and levels in particular the snares , what do you think, thanks

I pulled my white bellbottom pantsuit out of the closet and I’m dancing in the streets. Sounds great to me, especially the guitars. Love Charlotte’s vocals, and her picture. I’d say keep working on the snare. Sounds like you turned it up because it didn’t deliver the snap you wanted. Maybe give it a bit more compression and turn it back down a little? Maybe its own reverb? The stereo of this track is really excellent.

Ha ha , cheers Leon im just trying to picture that ,ok its gone.thanks for the compliment ,everything apart from kit and vocals was done with the guitar on this track, i used my midi guitar for all keys and bass parts . Charlotte will be chuffed on both counts thanks for that . yes i`ll keep working on the snare i gave it some distortion actually to try give it some life ,i realy need to get into compression more and find out how to use it more betterer ,thanks for your reply and help Leon

That’s really amazing that those other parts are done with the midi guitar. The rap used to be that the response was too slow. Do you have to do a lot of quantizing to catch it up? Now that I listen to it again, I can hear how the piano comes from guitar formations. Very cool. Also, I forgot to ask, where do the drums come from? What I wrote about compressing and such was based on it being a live recording, but now I guess that’s not what it was. So, if I’m right, there are lots of other ways to go – different snare samples for example. Certainly, in that genre, it’s almost assumed to be a sample or machine generated, like Roland TR-808 or something. So once again, I demonstrate that I don’t know what I’m talking about! But I did go to a disco party once decades ago, and I drank a lot of beer. There was a guy there in a white suit with bellbottoms and wide lapels, and a girl in something flowery, and the two of them knew all the steps. It was horrifying, but you couldn’t take your eyes off it.

hi Leon ,yep thats right they are just drum machine samples mainly because of the genre ,i dont have them loaded in to groove agent or anything ,the samples are just copied and are just laid out as tracks . the midi pickup i have is good you should check one out, it saves learning the keyboard ,the model i have is a shadow 075 ,sometimes it can play up and be awkward , newer models i think will be better . As regards the tracking though it is more or less spot on and no quantizing is needed apart from tidying up when played sloppy , you need to get the buffer rate down to at least 5-10 milli secs to play comfortable ,at times a couple of notes may be triggered instead of one ,so you just have to open the editor and go back and clean it up a bit ,they take a bit of setting up correctly ,you need to get the pickup as close as possible to the strings for it to perform ok ,but once there it`s good .Ha ha ,i was in a band that played at nothing else but discos and similar type places ,great memories.