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heres one i posted on this forum 20 pages or so ago ,hopefully this one is a better mix ,i cant decide at my end if the kick is too loud or not. :confused:

Yep looks like this one has had a lot of work put into it, youā€™ve definitely put it through itā€™s paces.

Personally, I like the kickā€™s volume level (at least, as its coming through my Mackieā€™s) cause it gives the mix some low end which is what a dance production needs.

Be interested to see what others think.

BTW, who is on the vocals?

thanks for your reply ,yes this one has had a few visits . it was one of my first individual serious attempts in cubase ,i`m glad you think the kick is ok ,i can never decide with drums , i used "moves like jagger"as a reference for the kick ,i know it sounds nothing like theirs but the volume is hopefully sameish. the vocalist is Charlotte who lives local ,we do collaborations now and again, she writes great lyrics,she wrote the lyrics for one of my tunes ā€œPerspiration whisperā€ .

Sounds great ! Like the little runs between the lines, perfect timing. Michael.

really nice songā€¦love the smooth voxā€¦and nice arrangementā€¦kick sounds ok to me listening on JBL 4206ā€™sā€¦Kevin

thanks Michael ,the runs between were done with the Shadow SH075 Guitar midi controller pickup, as were all the synth parts ,it`s great when you play guitar and can also access all the weird synth sounds ,i was realy happy with how those particular parts turned out.tracking or syncing with the Shadow can be a problem at times ,i suppose the perfect controller would be the one Alan Holdsworth uses the synthaxe .

thanks Kevin, what happened to the genelics.

[/quote] thanks Kevin, what happened to the genelics.[/quote]

flogged em on Ebay, they were just too small, got the JBLā€™s while I save up to get some big Genelecsā€¦however, the JBLā€™s sound great so they may change my mindā€¦

i think if i were going to get any more speakers it would be Yamaha NS10s cause a lot of people seem to like them and lots of good reviews . i have some spirit absolute 2s and an old creek 4140 amp i bought off of a friend ,they sound good enough for me at the moment.but i`ve learned that my room "studio"and monitors are not enough on their own to mix with.

Great tune!
Speaking of speakers, I just picked up the Yamaha HS8ā€™s and love them!

thanks a lot cmaffia .if you say Yamaha HS8ā€™s are good i`ll believe that ,you do very good mixes. do you use any other type of monitoring, old ghetto blasters ,aurtone ,anything.

Iā€™ve just finished "treating my room with bass traps around most corners of my room and the difference was quite staggeringā€¦listening environment is much betterā€¦hearing the speakers and not the room, I made myself 9 bass traps 1mx60cmx10cmā€¦using some rockwool stuff and only cost around 80 quid for everythingā€¦I had some ā€œbreathableā€ material lying around which saved a few quid but still a lot cheaper than buying stuff and if you mount them 4 inches from the wall or ceiling they are more effectiveā€¦
Regarding NS 10ā€™sā€¦the stuff I read about them was that they sound horrible and if you can get a good mix on them then the mix will sound good on anything elseā€¦which makes sense I supposeā€¦Kevin

you must have a decent size room ,my room is only 6ft X 6ft and i know how people on the internet love their moggy`s ,but i could not even swing a small cat around in my room ,it has lots of acoustic foam all round ,kinda looks like a padded cell ,i am thinking of moving to a house with a big cellar and get it sorted out ,hopefully my sound will become a bit more underground fnar! fnar!

Yeahā€¦got a room 5mx4m so plenty of space for the sound booth Iā€™ve just finished building alsoā€¦amazing whatā€™s possible and how cheap it is if you do it yourselfā€¦If music is your life and you spend a lot of time in your studio/room then I reckon you should go undergroundā€¦you know it makes senseā€¦good luck with it, onwards and upwards !!!..Kevin

or downwards ,cheers Kevin.

Nice piece! Itā€™s got a good hook. (I could hear the song way past the ending :slight_smile: )
Didnā€™t hear the original version you spoke of but the mix on this is cool. Kick is fine.
You also have a nice collaborating partner.