Talk To Me

Heres a tune i wrote in the 80s ,do you think the n-n-n-nineteen`s aught to go.i did it mostly with a guitar midi controller .This tune features charlotte on vocals

theres some really cool stuff happening in this track. nice riffs and a wonderful voice.
I just can’t help thinking that slowing it down a touch and redoing it as an RnB tune would make it over the top good.

thanks for the nice words bluebob, that was roughly the tempo it was written at back in the 80s when all the high energy dance stuff was in fashion. i redid it for the reason of i was trying to impress my daughter who listens to all the modern dance music, and the beats all seem to be around 130 bpm ,anyway she wasnt impressed ,i think it sounds a bit too melodic for her,cause the stuff she listens to seems to have a lot of sound fx like gameing machines or something not realy songs as such just grooves. yeh i could visualise it slowed down it is melodic enough to do that .Charlotte will be happy with your nice comment ,i`ll pass it on .thanks

a good listen…

Well worth updating as Bob suggests, but as is, it brings back memories of that time. You produced it well in that respect. The vocals are strong. Please, do more…

Nice… I’m looking for that white polyester suit somewhere in my (dad’s) closet. Charlotte has a lovely voice.

yeh i will take another look at this one, some of the melodies do sound a bit frantic at that tempo.yes i intend to post more ,it`s good to hear what people think of your stuff.

which era are you talking about with the white suit ,saturday night fever or miami vice, yes charlotte has a good voice ,ive been in bands with her on and off for a few years now, shes a great mover and freaks out when she performs, she`s good to watch.

Hi firestamper,

Nice 80’s sound you’ve got there. Brings back memories… :sunglasses:

Sounds really good, Charlotte has a great voice.


I like it a lot as it is. Sure it’s a bit dated, but that doesn’t mean it sucks or anything. I like her voice, and love some of the sounds going on, especially that WAY cool Euro -synth solo at the end – WTF IS that?!?

I don’t think you need to massively retune the track in order for it sound more contemporary, just a few production changes here and there. What exactly those would be, I don’t know