Talkback/Cue is always delayed. Help!

Is there any way to reduce the latency of talkback in VST Connect? The performer recording is amazing and is allowing me to produce and record artists all over the world. Thank you Steinberg, it’s become half of my work these days. However, when I am counting in the singers or musicians and giving them cues, I am always out of time. My guitar cues that I am playing are also out of time. I’ve tried changing the talkback latency, chat latency, audio driver latency, etc. Everything I can think of but the talkback is always about a beat behind. Is there anything I can do to get that closer? I’ve even tried using FaceTime or an actual phone call but that also is delayed.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.


When you engage transport start or record, the Remote Delay allows you to record Performer with near sample accuracy.
When transport is not engaged, this is a similar situation as with phone or FB. There is always a delay when you are connected to somebody remotely.
Chat delay is adjustable but it will cause dropouts and mutes when set too low. You may use the “Rehearse” button which disengages Remote Delay compensation during playback, this way you can instruct the Performer and your Talkback and playback are in sync for him or her. However Performer is then delayed for you, which means it’s a one-way coaching feature.
If your goal is jamming, VST Connect is not the right tool. It is optimized for accurate and high-quality recording of remote artists or talents. So, you cannot count in Performer except when in Rehearsal mode, but then you can’t record - well you can, but recording will be out of sync.
Therer are tools which are optimized for low latency (jamming) but even those only work provided a very good and low-latency connection (gamers know about ‘Ping’, as it is important in combat games), and also Einstein prevents us from jamming with people too far away, as “slowness” of the speed of light causes too much of a delay (approx. 1 ms per 300 kilometers, times two for full duplex).

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Hi Musicullum:

Thanks. I “think” I understand. Tell me if I have this right: If I use “rehearse”, I can play my guitar or sing what I want the artist to do and it will be “in time”. But whatever they sing will be out of sync to me, which means I have to turn off “rehearse” before they show me if they understand. Is that correct?

One more thing (sorry). I have trouble with colors, and I cannot tell when rehearse is engaged or not. Do you know how to tell if it’s on or off?

Thanks much. Your help is so appreciated!

You don’t need to switch off Rehearse, its just that what Performer does is not in sync with the playback. So either stop playback or just talk.
The Rehearse button is next to the Talkback button in the VST plugin interface. You should be able to note the ring around it beeing lit or not?