talkback doesn't work on cubase 10.5

This is regarding VST connect pro
talkback doesn’t work when i am opening my project on cubase 10.5 whereas the same project, when i open on Cubase 10, it works properly.
what i mean is that the performer is not able to hear the talkback from the studio (that is me)
i have assigned the channel to talkback on vst connections in control room setting (that is the reason it works properly in cubase 10… just wanted to specify so that i don’t get this answer lol…)

Right now i am using Cubase 10.5.12 build 123 which is the latest one
and Cubase 10.0.50 which is a version older but working fine…

does anyone facing the same issue???

Also, with the new update on vst connect pro i am facing an issue that the webcam automatically switches next time when i open the project even if i close the webcam in my previous session.
this happens in both cubase 10 and cubase 10.5

it does sound like your control room / talkback channels are configured differently in v10 and 10.5 - double check all your settings. FWIW works fine for me in v10.5

what do you mean by “the webcam automatically switches” ?

FWIW2 - 10.5.12 isn’t the latest version of cubase

Does the cue meter show activity when you talk into your TB mic? Also make sure that TB is enabled in both the main monitor and VST Cue.
As for the cam, it could be that it tries the first available cam, will check.

ok… i just updates to 10.5.20
but still the problem persists
the performer is not able to hear me on Cubase 10.5 but he can hear me on Cubase 10…
its the same project… so i don’t think there could be any errors in routing…
have checked thoroughly…
all talkback buttons are on… in vst connections talkback routing is done… checked the volume level of talkback… nothing seems wrong but still the performer can’t hear me on cubase 10.5

regarding the webcam… what i meant… is there a way to switch off permanently till the time i switch it on…
what i mean even if i switch it off and close the project… the moment i open the project the next time…i find the webcam on…

control room and audio connections are NOT saved as part of the project - they are global settings so just using the same project doesn’t guarantee the routing is correct.

Performer hears what the cue meter shows. So either he hears your TB when he hears your playback, or he hears nothing, in which case its Master channel output is probably not set.
If you leave the program with cam switched off, it should start with cam off next time. If not, that is a bug.

performer is able to hear the playback but can’t hear the talkback…
he is not able to hear the talkback in all instances… i even tried the rehearse mode but he is not able to hear… and this is only happening in cubase 10.5. the same project works fine on cubase 10.

regarding the cam, even when i switch off, the next time its on… and this is happening both in cubase 10 and cubase 10.5.

I repeat, if Performer can hear playback but not your TB, you will not see the VST Connect plugins’ Cue Meter move when you spek into your mic, right?
Which means the TB path is not complete: input port not set correctly, TB in Control Room not set and/or TB in VST Connect Cue plugin not activated.
And as dr already pointed out: “its the same project… so i don’t think there could be any errors in routing…” - not true, as CR settings are local to each Cubase/Nuendo version.
This might also help: