Talkback feature on C24 Console and Cubase

I am curious if any one who uses a C24 with Cubase has been able to use the talkback feature from the console? Everything syncs up fine but when I hold teh talkback button I get a message on the console saying “button not assigned to cubase/nuendo.” I did read that some features don’t work onthe C24 when its used with Cubase but I was curious as if this was something that could be assigned, and if so, how? Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance

Hello, you can assign a channel for TalkBack in the control room. So I don’t know if you can map the C24 button that matches the one in the Cubase control room. For example, I have the “.” For that.

thanks for the reply. Do you know where I can go about finding instructions on how to map those buttons?

It depends on through which protocol your console is connected. Is it EuCon?