talkback in vst connect 3 se

So yesterday I did my first session with Vst Connect. Pretty damn cool and not a lot of hassle to setup.

The 1 thing I could not get going is to have the talkback turn back on when I stopped recording. in regular recordings I will have the talkback on, once I press record it goes off and when I press stop the talkback turns back on. In Vst Connect it would turn off automatic but not automatic back on - so that is a whole lot of extra mouse clicks for me - isn’t this behavior possible in Vst Connect like in normal Cubase? Someone please tell me how to do it or someone from Steinberg please implement it asap :astonished:

and from what I could figure out the only option is to record in stereo? why can’t I choose between 1 stereo or mono channel recording? I understand you want to sell PRO version etc, but is this really the situation? only stereo recording?

someone please let me in on the correct answers :slight_smile:

You may have deactivated the Talkback button in the VST Connect plugin, or ctrl/clicked it which overrides the auto-switching. We have also been reported a bug which breaks the link between the Cubase and VST Connect Talkback buttons (see Control Room where you can also set the Talkback button and level). This will be fixed with the next version. So to sum it up, with all default settings, TB will switch off during playback automatically and back on when stopped. Check VST Connects’ TB button (upper left) and Control Room as well as preferences.

the mixed signal is recorded in stereo always. you can use the record pan controls to pan hard left/right if you need 2 separate mono tracks and then split after recording. You may also insert the VST Connect plugin into a Mono Input channel instead of the default stereo one to have everything mixed to mono. Apart from that yes, you need the PRO version to record individual channels (up to 16) in full resolution.

ok, thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: I will check the talkback settings and hopefully it will work

“You may also insert the VST Connect plugin into a Mono Input channel instead of the default stereo one to have everything mixed to mono.”

Hi musicullum,
What do you mean by INSERTING the VST CONNECT plugin into a mono input channel? Please give details.


When you do “Create VST Connect”, a stereo Input Channel is created (see devices/VST Connections/Inputs), and the VST Connect plugin is inserted there.
To go mono, remove that channel there, create a mono Input Channel. Do not assign any audio Input to it (the Performer takes on that role). In the audio mixer, make sure Input Channels are visible, and locate the newly created channel (red handle). In the Insert row, insert the “VST Connect” plugin there.

Yes, I did that prior to asking on this post, and an error showed up saying something about the incoming audio or something, so I assumed that I was doing something wrong…

hmmm, so does it work anyway?
Cannot check today. if it works despite the error, just ignore it.

Everything works ok with the CONNECT PRO (demo). The video issue is the only thing left to get things rolling. Thanx for everything Misucullum.
Buying the PRO version is a sure thing.