TalkBack... led?

Hi guys!

before I got the UR824 I just to pass the mix signal thru a shitty mixer and put the talkback mic there, now I’m trying to do everything with Cubase and the UR824.

So, I’m sending my talkback mic using the 24ch (adat 8 B) and well is working as a charm… BUT I wish I can had some led, light, big button in the screen or something that says “hey your talkback is active!” because sometimes the producer needs to say something not very pretty about the musician, and we don’t want a murder in the studio.

Is this possible in C7? Is there a config that I didn’t find? Or it’s better to go back to the crappy mixer?


You could assign a key command to a macro: Devices-Control Room Mixer -> Talkback on/off. Or instead of control room window, you could put some window you NEVER use otherwise to indicate the talkback is active, like perhaps a Time Display. Just make sure the window is the sort that always closes with key command.

you mean let the monitor window open and visible so I can see the TB button?

Are the Talkback indicators on the CR Mixer not enough?

I’ve requested the same function few time ago …

The talkback indicator should be in a visible spot, like the tool bar or something.

oh! and there’s no official response yet :frowning:

That’s how I do it, and assign the ‘t’ key to toggle TB. The control room window is open all the time when you record, no?
And I wish there was an auto off for talkback as soon as one ‘runs the tape’ - like in VST Connect :slight_smile: Then (provided you don’t want to say anything offensive), one could forget about cotinuously toggling talkback altogether.