Talkback not working on Cubase 12

Tried with different channels but I can’t get any sound outof my CUE line. The channel works as i can hear it when I close Cubase. Everything works fine in Cubase 10.5, so I copied the exact setup on 12 but… No sound!!

Windows 10, Steinberg UR824,


Could you please describe your setup, or attach screenshots?


I’m sorry, the video is too small, I can’t see anything.

sorry, let me know if it’s ok now

The video quality is too low to be able to read any of the text.
It looked like you have a Steinberg interface set to 512 samples buffer. That’s all I could make out.

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Tried again with Cubase Pro 10.5 and Cubase Pro 11. Everything works! Copied the same parameters, activated the same input channels etc…no way to hear any sound in Cubase 12 through Talkback.